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Attention & Care Quality Control From Sourcing to Delivery

Ever been surprised by the product arrived at your doorway or office, which has highest quality or exactly fit size?



Order Confirmation


As in the apparel industry, the size and color of dress are sensitive elements, which could ruin our client’s shopping experience easily. To provide better methods to solve this odds, ZentaiTights has established an Order Confirmation Unit under the customer service department; this unit is responsible for confirming every detail on your order by e-mails.


Products Test


We double check the product before shipping it out, even we know our manufacturers are all trust worthy. Here is how it goes:


Your product will be produced exactly according to the time table arranged by the us, and the item produced will be transferred to ZentaiTights Logistic center to be inspected by a group of highly trained inspectors upon completion.


A basic check will be performed to make sure the product consistent with the order, and we did catch every detailed requirement specified on your order.


Our QC team will perform a thorough inspection to make sure that product quality meets the International ISO quality standards, any product failed to meet our QC standards will be returned for replacement.


For those products survived in our QC inspection will be passed on to the packing team.




Our Packing team will take good care of each items transferred to them to avoid any possible damage during the packing process. Our packing staffs adopt many new ways to strengthen the external boxes, thus to make your package more air-tight, water-roof and pressure resistant.

They also synchronize our shipping schedule with the major couriers like DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS, and with these efforts, we can always get the good to go packages shipped to the US by the earliest flight available


Tracking Service


Shortly after your package being shipped out, our logistic centre and our system will send you an email containing your tracking number automatically; you can start tracking where your package arrived right away; however, that doesn't mean our duty ends here, since the responsibilities is now switched back to the customer service department, and our customer service representative is always there waiting on your side until your package safely arrived at your doorway, most importantly, you are satisfied with the item received.